AeroFilter aims to develop and deliver nanoporous silica based filters tailor-made to remove specific chemical constituents known to affect the air quality in indoor environments and refrigerator settings.

Svenska Aerogel: develop, produce and sell the nanoporous filter adsorbent material Quartzene.

The first application, the ethylene filter device

AKjel: design and produce and sell the filter device containing the filter media or adsorbents. AKjel will then sell to Arcelic, who will include it in their refrigerators.

Arcelic: distribute and sell the refrigerators to retailers and local markets and shops around the world before reaching the homes of the end users.


The second application, the indoor air filter device

AKjel:  will design and produce and sell to IVL/BASTA’s customers, who will include the filter device in both their existing apartments and in new constructions.

( This product will in the future not be limited to IVL/BASTA’s customers but AKjel and Svenska Aerogel will jointly seek other customers within this application sector for this indoor air product.)

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