Svenska Aerogel produces a nano-porous silica based material, Quartzene, which is used for filtration, insulation and coatings. The company sells Quartzene on the market through a combination of direct sales and, in the future, under license.

Svenska Aerogel was founded already in year 2000 to explore ways of commercializing innovations in filter material developed through research by KTH (the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm) and the University of Gävle (Sweden). In 2010 the company decided to go fully commercial, and in 2013 Svenska Aerogel set up its own facility in Gävle for the production of Quartzene and to pursue further R&D activities.

Aerogel is a superior insulating and filtration material with existing and potential applications across a huge range of industries and products. The process required for its production has traditionally involved high costs that have made the material uneconomic for anything other than niche use. Svenska Aerogel has developed a proven production process which more than halves the cost of manufacturing aerogel. Three versions of this product have been successfully developed and produced by the company: for the filtration of liquids and gases; for thermal insulation; and for paint and coatings, allowing for the slow release of various substances.


IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute is an independent, non-profit research institute, established in 1966 and owned by a foundation jointly established by the Swedish Government and Swedish industry. Number of employees now exceeds 200.

IVL work with applied research and on commission to promote ecologically, economically, and socially sustainable growth within business and society at large. The business activities are organised by their operating units Climate & Sustainable Cities, Natural Resources & Environmental Effects, Air Pollution & Abatement Strategies, and Organisations, Products & Processes. IVL’s work is also organised across specific themes to create a broader vision of what they can offer. Currently, these theme areas include Climate and energy, Sustainable building, Air and transport, Sustainable production, Resources-efficient products and waste, and Water.

IVL work with issues related to air pollution and air quality, in Sweden and internationally. Their expertise ranges from emissions and dispersion of air pollutants to air quality and exposure, deposition in ecosystems, abatement strategies and consequences of control measures.


AKJEL is started fairly recently. AKJEL is a nano material-based product development company. AKJEL during the last 2 years worked with Swedish Aerogel AB product Quartzene in thermal insulation, liquid filter applications, air filter applications and various Composite material products. AKJEL also works with development of production of Quartzene.

AKJEL has an exclusive right of Swedish Aerogel AB for the production of Quartzene in Turkey. AKJEL has a well-equipped product development lab and highly skilled development engineers. AKJEL has signed a cooperation agreement with Turkey’s best technical universities, namely, Istanbul Technical University and Yildiz Technical University. AKJEL have full access to both the University of the well-equipped labs and university research resources through this agreement.


Having operations in durable consumer goods industry with production, marketing and after-sales services, Arçelik A.Ş. offers products and services around the world with its 27,000 employees, 15 different production facilities(*) in six countries (Turkey, Romania, Russia, China, South Africa and Thailand), its sales and marketing companies all over the world and its 10 brands (Arçelik, Beko, Grundig, Blomberg, ElektraBregenz, Arctic, Leisure, Flavel, Defy and Altus) serving products and services in more than 135 countries.

Global Operational Network:

14 production facilities in 5 countries

International sales and marketing organization in 25 countries

Products and service in over 100 countries